Japan’s CyberAgent jumps into market for mothers with crowdsourcing site


Back in May, CyberAgent announced the launch of a business that would be specifically for mothers here in Japan. This is a natural and smart step for its Ameba platform, considering that many of its top Ameba bloggers are female celebrities with children. Mothers mean business.

For mothers, Ameba chose a crowdsourcing website as its first business, calling it Mama & Crowd. Although crowdsourcing is a busy market with existing players like Crowdworks and Lancers, Mama & Crowd will focus on mothers as its work force, and will provide work that doesn’t require such specialized skills — simple jobs like responding to questionnaires or writing short articles fo the web. Mama & Crowd will officially launch in late December, but it already begun its pre-registration on November 19th.

Here in Japan, we are seeing more and more apps and services for the mothers demographic. Prima is another example, a flea market mobile app for mothers. The app can be used to sell and buy used clothes and items for kids under 12. The app recently enabled of payment through national convenient stores.

According to a survey conducted by CyberAgent through its own flea market app ‘Maifri’, the numbers indicated that more businesses should enter this market. Female respondents between the ages of 20 to 30 with children were asked about their mobile phone usage. When asked whether smartphones have changed how they doing housework and raising children, 77% of respondents said that it has. Some examples of how mothers use their phones include searching for food recipes for cooking, and showing videos to kids when they’re crying in public. Almost 90% of mothers answered that the smartphone is a useful tool for them.

With smartphone becoming an essential part of motherhood, we can expect to see more apps targeting this particular segement in the future.