Nobot founder launches tech talent marketplace Remotus to meet hiring needs of startups



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Japanese serial entrepreneur Kiyo Kobayashi is best knwon for his successful exit by having sold his smartphone ad network startup Nobot to Mediba, the ad solution company of Japan’s second largest telco KDDI.

His San Francisco-based new startup Chanoma unveiled the alpha version of remote hiring platform Remotus today.


Kobayashi told us what has triggered him to launch the platform:

The IT industry in the US is suffering from increasing labor costs of their engineers. To address this issue, our platform matches US companies in need of engineers with human resources outside the country. Especially for startups suffering from a lack of engineers, you can find potential employees who are ready to relocate to your location to work by presenting a wage proposal in the form of competitive bidding.


This hiring process is same with US-based talent marketplace Hired which successfully fundraised $15 million in a series A round back in March. Hired takes a commission fee from a company when a hiring deal is done. Although Kobayashi didn’t disclose details, it seems he found a way to provide the service for a lower fee than that of Hired. He explained:

After my relocation to San Francisco, I learned that many local startups and entrepreneurs have been suffering in the hiring of software developers, while big companies like Google or Facebook are keeping them by paying high salaries. So I wanted to solve problems of hiring for startups. Some startups using our service present a remote work style option.

While most companies prefer mid- or long-term employment (over six months), the fact is many projects are finished in less than a month. We want to provide a workaround to fill this gap via Remotus.

Talented workers are scattered all around the world, and wage ranges vary greatly. In the US, there’s no remote hiring platform other than Odesk, or you need to depend on someone’s introduction. I think hiring with a relocation package will become more common. We want to establish a platform that allows startups to hire talented people from around the world.

Many Japanese entrepreneurs who have made successful exits have launched other businesses, and obviously Kobayashi will follow them, but in the Silicon Valley. We’ll share more details about his business as they become available.

Disclosure: Kiyo Kobayashi is an advisor for The Bridge.