Cinemacraft admitted into Turner Broadcasting’s Media Camp



Cinemacraft, the Tokyo/Silicon Valley-based startup which was recently admitted to the 500 Startups incubator program in San Francisco, will now also get a boost from Turner Broadcasting. The young company was one of five technology companies admitted into Turner’s 2013 Media Camp, a 12-week program that helps entrepreneurs build media businesses.

As you may recall, Cinemacraft has been developing its Videogram technology, which is a new way of presenting videos with attractive thumbnailed panels. The platform was recently used by pop star Jennifer Lopez to release her new single Live It Up.

But Cinemacraft has been working on other new technologies as well, including a picture presentation that uses a similar approach. Its recently released Qixshr platform displays user photos in a sort of stained glass presentation. You can check out an example of that sort of layout below.

The other startups admitted to the media camp are Tomorrowish, ChannelMeter, Meograph, and Plumzi. They’ll all get to work with experienced television and film executives, and “get an opportunity to commercialize their business” to Turner’s many properties. Turner Broadcasting’s VP of Emerging Technology, Balaji Gopinath, noted in the announcement:

We see great underlying technologies and unique business models with these five early-stage companies and look forward to working with them on defining how technology is continuing to evolve the entertainment industry.

It’s another big step for Sandeep Casi and Cinemacraft, who have been making very solid progress over the past six months.

Championship athletes on Qixshr