Japan’s WOVN.io unveils premium plans, offers multilingual support for enterprise websites



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Tokyo-based Minimal Technologies launched a website translating service called WOVN.io in August. It instantly turns a website into a multilingual environment only by adding a single Javascript code to the website source. Since its launch, the service has been adopted to 4,000 website and created 120,000 translated webpages. While about 100 pages were translated each day in September, it has since grown to 600 to 700 pages a day.

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Wovn.io recently added premium plans, which allows website owners to customize embedded WOVN.io widgets and translate more than five translated pages of their website. The premium edition provides three different plans according to the number of pages requiring translation: Startup, Business, and Enterprise.

The Startup type is available for a monthly charge of $19, providing translation for up to 100 pages of a website. When an original page containing a WOVN JavaScript code is updated, WOVN.io will automatically detect that and create an updated translation for website visitors. While the Startup plan limits a translated language selection to one language, upper range plans like Business and Enterprise can create webpages in more than three languages using machine translation.

The price of the Enterprise plan is available upon request. In addition to aforementioned features, Minimal Technologies plans to add new features such as web server customization and A/B testing.

When I previously wrote about WOVN.io, several readers asked about how SEO (search engine optimization) performance for WOVN-installed websites is considered. The company has confirmed that translated pages are appropriately indexed by the Google search engine in their internal test, and will publish a library this spring so that website owners can place critical SEO measures on the translated pages of their website.

In addition to founder/CEO Takaharu Hayashi and co-founder Jeff Sandford, Minimal Technologies recently added a French engineer and a Taiwanese sales representative to the team. In view of which languages are in high demand for translating website pages using WOVN.io, Chinese is ranked top followed by Korean and Spanish. They plan to focus on developing and marketing an enterprise version for Japanese companies.

L to R: CEO Takaharu Hayashi, co-founder Jeff Sandford

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by Masaru Ikeda and Kurt Hanson