Cinemacraft’s collage service can process your Facebook albums


Here’s a fun photo project from the folks over at Cinemacraft, as their Qixshr collage creation platform can now create interesting collages based on any of your Facebook albums [1]. I’m told by Cinemacraft founder Sandeep Casi that the service selects the top seven photos based on likes and comments, and then creates a collage based on computed areas of interest (with priority given to focus) in the photo.

The crop wasn’t always perfect for me (see my zoo collage, maybe my focus was off?), but its certainly a fun and powerful service for anyone who wants to create collages from an event album. I understand that it’s already gaining some traction on Facebook, and with Twitter’s new photo features, it could potentially do well on that platform too. Check it out at


  1. Qixshr was previously released as a B2B service, but this time they’re focused on consumers.  ↩