CyberAgent rolls out another cute mobile app, this time for baby photos



This is part of our cute Japanese apps series (RSS), examining a trend of ‘kawaii’ success stories emerging from Japan’s mobile space.

We’ve looked at quite a few cute Japanese apps recently, but it’s hard to get any cuter than a deco-pic app for sharing pictures of babies. CyberAgent’s BabyDays app is exactly that, delivering a ‘kawaii’ overload in both presentation and content.

Like most photo decoration apps these days, BabyDays comes with an assortment of frames, decorative texts and stickers. You can like pictures submitted by other users, voting them up if they are especially cute. This is a pretty smart feature, letting parents enjoy the feeling if having scores of people complement their baby all at once [1]. BabyDays also has heavy social integration, with Ameba authentication and the ability to share your pictures to Facebook, Twitter, and Mixi if you choose. You also have the option of viewing your photos in a calendar presentation as well.


While the app has been around since late last year, it surged to become Japan’s top iOS photo app back on May 24th after a new version was released. Currently there is a promotion ongoing that gave the app a kick start too, whereby if users decorate their baby pics with special Miki House frames, the have a chance to have their baby become a model for the famous baby brand. This promotion extends to the BabyDays Facebook page, where one baby’s picture will be featured each day.

In addition to CyberAgent’s popular Ameba Pigg virtual world, the company has produced a number of very ‘cute’ apps in the past, including its Decolink chat app, and just recently Girls Pic Plus. We think this is a pretty smart space to be in these days, and they should probably consider offering BabyDays in traditional Chinese for Greater China, and then maybe in English too.

If you’d like to try the app out for yourself, you can pick it up over on the App Store or on Google Play. Or if you’re in the market for other fun baby apps, check out another Japan-made product, Kiddy, or my own personal favorite, Notabli.

BabyDays progress, on App Annie

  1. As a new father, I confess I take a lot of pleasure in this part.  ↩