More iPhone underwear coming soon from Bandai due to popular demand


Bandai-Smart-PantsPhoto via LikeCool

There are lots of iPhone covers out there, but most of them protect everything except your homescreen button. But never fear, as toy manufacturer Bandai has the answer. It’s called Smart Pants, the world’s first underwear for your smartphone.

The product first became available in March as a sort of plastic ball prize (or gashapon) in vending machines. It got lots of buzz online and the company plans to sell more this coming June. The Gashapon balls are sold for 200 yen (or about $2) each.

These Smart Pants are made out of silicon, and are available in eight different designs including men’s briefs, leopard print thongs, and strawberry-patterned panties. One Japanese blogger has written a post showing his iPhone modeling all the different looks, if you’d like to see more.

Gashapon is where the social games mechanic ‘Kompu Gacha’ comes from, which was famously regulated by the Japanese govenment last May. Kompu comes from the word ‘complete,’ referring to the act of completing a set of items. Bandai’s Gashapon vending machine was first released way back in 1977, and it is still popular among young children — although almost all Japanese adults are familiar with the game.

There are over 40,000 Gashapon vending machines throughout Japan, so if you’re lucky you might be able to finally find some underwear in one of them for your mobile phone.

Smart Pants is another “weird Japan” idea. But weird or not, it’s always refreshing to see this kind of creativity, even if it’s a little on the strange side.