O2O done right: Game maker showcases products from all over Japan


One product that does O2O really well is Japan’s Colopl. We’ve covered this company and its impressive geolocation mobile games in previous articles. The games require users to actually travel from one destination to another, and the distance is then converted into points within the game. I’ve heard that many fans of the game are businessmen, since the games add a little fun to their commuting life.

Soon Colopl will hold its third annual ‘Colopl Bussanten’. This seven-day event is sort of like a farmer’s market, where 70 local stores from all over Japan gather together in one place. The participating stores are all partners in the game Colony-na-seikatsu, where users receive special cards called Coloca when they visit these stores and make purchases of a certain amount. There are over 190 partner stores carefully selected by Colopl employees, and they all provide original products that makes the trip expense money well spent.

For the past two events, 40,000 to 60,000 people visited, and this number is expected to grow even higher this year. From September 25th to 30th, special priority tickets to the event will be available on Amazon for 3150 yen. The purchase comes with unknown special mystery products as well.

Colopl Bussanten will take place from October 17th to 23rd (10am to 8pm) on the 8th floor of the Tokyu department store in Kichijoji.

This is an interesting initiative by a mobile gaming company, and it definitely fits under the company mission, ‘Entertainment in Real Life’.