Worried about home security? Japan has you covered with these handy products



During summertime here in Japan, many people might stay out later than usual. As a result some are now extra-cautious about their home and neighborhood security during this season. According to marketing agency Fuji Keizai, the remote monitoring market is expected to grow by over 30% by the year 2015, in comparison to 2011. Here are a few affordable products capitalizing on that trend, helping people protect their homes and neighborhoods.

IP Network Camera

IPNetworkCameraThis wireless security camera from RI-Japan lets you view surroundings from a remote location via your mobile phones and/or computers. After connecting the device to a network, you just need to download some software and log in using an ID and password.

The camera angle can be controlled remotely too, and recorded video can be saved on the device of your choice, including microSD. IP Network Camera is available for 34,550 yen (or about $354) on Amazon.

Digital clock-shaped home guard

This security camera takes the form of a digital clock, preventing burglars and intruders from noticing that they’re being watched and recorded. The camera and SD card recorder is inside the digital clock (which is actually a fully functional clock too), and the camera records video in a ASF file format. A time stamp is enabled on the videos, another useful feature in the case of break-ins. This digital clock home guard is available for 34,800 yen (or about $357) on bo-hanya.com.

Smoke detector-shaped home guard

smokedetector-securityFrom the same company that makes the digital clock security camera, this one takes the form of a smoke detector. Within the mesh part of the smoke detector, there is a security camera and microphone. The camera automatically adjusts to record video even in darkness. This device is available for 17,800 yen (or about $182).

If you are interested in finding more security goods for both homes and business use, the aforementioned Bo-Hanya has a great selection of items.