DeNA’s Manga Box going strong, but the music stops for Groovy



DeNA’s Manga Box app (see our previous review here) has just surpassed three million downloads, and the company points to a Nielsen Japan report highlighting the app’s high user engagement. The report (based on a sample of 4000 users split across iOS and Android) figures Manga Box to have about 1.8 million users, with average time of about 55 minutes spent on the app.

It’s good to see one of DeNA’s non-gaming efforts doing well. The company’s Groovy music app experiment was not as fortunate, and it was recently announced that it will be coming to a close stopping many music features this month [1].

  1. Update March 4: DeNA clarifies that they are not actually closing Groovy entirely, but rather stopping some features, like music purchase, streaming, and lyrics display. The app will actually remain so that users can play the music that they already own.  ↩