Japanese news app developer Shiroyagi Corporation raises $490K from Global Brain



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Tokyo-based Shiroyagi Corporation [1] recently launched a new curation app called Kamelio. And now just last week the startup announced that it has raised about 50 million yen ($490,000) from Japanese investment firm Global Brain. The money comes from a $150-million fund managed by Global Brain but primarily invested by the country’s state-run investment company, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

Shiroyagi’s co-representative director Yoshi Watanabe elaborated how his team will be improving on app:

We’re currently a eight-person team. In order to build up a solid user base, we’ll keep focusing on improving the interface of our app for the time being, improvising the algorithm on our ‘follow’ engine and speeding up back-end data processing.

Kamelio has adopted a new concept that differs slightly from conventional news curation apps. While many apps present selected articles based on what articles are trending on social media or which media you subscribe to, Kamelio picks up articles based on topics you are likely to be interested in, using their unique algorithm to go even beyond the keywords you’ve entered in your preference.

As the team is comprised of technology experts, they expect to attract potential co-workers by opening their growth hack knowledge to the public.


  1. The company name ‘Shiroyagi’ is means ‘white goat’ in Japanese, encourages their team members to climb higher and higher. ↩