Startup Weekend Tokyo to hold its first international-themed event



The Tokyo incarnation of Startup Weekend has been ongoing for quite some time now [1]. And while the most recent Startup Weekends are held mostly in Japanese to encourage more local involvement, we’re glad to see that this weekend (Friday, April 25th to Sunday, April 27th) will mark the first international-themed event, appropriately dubbed Startup Weekend Tokyo International.

We spoke briefly with one of the organizers who explained that even though the regular Startup Weekend Tokyo events have become rather homogenous, there are still many Japanese people interested in international business who would like to meet a more diverse range of people. Similarly, having an international themed event encourages people from other countries who might be here in Tokyo to come out and participate.

While the event will be conducted in English, and for anyone here in Tokyo it could be a good opportunity to pitch in English and meet some fun people as well.

If you’d like to sign up for this one, you can do so over on Doorkeeper.

  1. One of our earliest postings about the event dates all the way back to 2010.  ↩