Japanese CRM startup Sansan raises $14.6 million



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Tokyo-based Sansan, the company that operates the business card-based CRM solution ‘Eight’, announced today that it has raised 1.46 billion yen (about $14.6 million) from Nikkei Digital Media, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Energy & Environment Investment, and GMO Venture Partners [1]. According to a Nikkei report, Sansan plans to use the funds to expand its business in the US market.

Sansan was launched back in June of 2007, and subsequently raised seed funding from Japan-based Incubate Fund. The company raised more than $20 million over four rounds, including this latest funding.

In this space, we’ve already seen similar startups from the Asia region, such as Youlu in China and Remember in Korea.

  1. Nikkei Digital Media is a subsidiary of Japan’s economic news company Nikkei. Innovation Network Corporation of Japan is the country’s state-run initiative for investing in innovative activities and companies.