C Channel, Ookbee join forces to launch video fashion media for girls in Thailand



This is part of our coverage of The Bridge Fes 2016.

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Tokyo-based C Channel, a video-based digital fashion media for young women, announced on 19 February that it will launch C Channel Thailand in association with Ookbee, a Thai startup operating e-publication and UGC (user generated content) businesses in Southeast Asia.

Launched by Line’s former CEO Akira Morikawa in April 2015, C Channel has been attracting lots of attention because of a unique screen specification adopting vertical video layouts and a content curation system leveraging “clippers,” or aspiring TV stars and fashion models.

Their video clips have been played more than 37 million times in the ten months since the launch. Galaxy, the globally renowned smartphone brand from Samsung, was recently appointed as an official sponsor for the C Channel video portal.

Known as Amazon in Southeast Asia, Ookbee has been serving 6.5 million users with e-publications, games, apps and others since its launch in 2011.

In the C Channel session at The Bridge Fes 2016 event, Ookbee founder and CEO Natavudh Moo Pungcharoenpong spoke before a packed audience:

More than half of Ookbee users are teenagers and they are eagerly adopting Japanese make-up and hairstyles. Thailand is the second-largest country following Japan in terms of the population of Line users, which indicates a high affinity for Japanese culture. We would like to grow together with C Channel in the ASEAN market.

Signing with selected local girls in Thailand as “clippers” through Ookbee, C Channel will provide Thai users with original content curated by them in their local language, anticipating to expand to the shopping business using video clips online.

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Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by Kurt Hanson