Japan’s cloud-based invoicing platform Misoca raises $300,000



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Nagoya-based Standfirm, the startup behind cloud-based invoicing platform Misoca, recently announced that it has raised 30 million yen (about $300,000) from Incubate Fund.

The platform lets you to edit and manage estimates, invoices, statements of delivery using a handy dashboard. You can even ask the startup to print and mail these items to your clients on your behalf. With these funds, the company plans to intensify hiring and marketing efforts. Their upcoming focus areas will be:

  • Starting inbound marketing efforts
  • Improving user experience
  • Integrating with CRM or ERP solution services
  • Develop an entirely online platform to deliver of invoices/estimates.

Since their launch back in June of 2011, Misoca has acquired more than 8,000 users, and more than 700 of them are using the service on a monthly basis.