Japanese geo-analytics startup Nightley introduces alternative ‘Pokémon Go’ tracker



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Tokyo-based geo-analytics startup Nightley recently launched a web-based Pokémon Go tracking tool called Pokémon Go Insight, which shows Pokémon Go hotspots and advents of rare monsters on the map. It allows users to oversee where / what kind of Pokémon characters are appearing by analyzing social media conversations by Pokémon Go players.

In order to find where Pokémon characters are appearing, players were typically using tools like PokéVision and PokéWhere, however these service became unavailable after July 31st since Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, shut down access from the third-party tracking apps to Pokémon Go servers and its data resources. In contrast, Pokémon Go Insight will be less affected by Niantec’s policy change since it adopts user-generated content voluntarily posted by players which is completely immune from the Pokémon Go platform.

Nightley has developed several marketing solutions leveraging unique location-based analytics technologies, such as Nightley GIS Mesh Data and Inbound Insight. In late July, almost a week after the launch of Pokémon Go in Japan, the company released a Pokémon Go tracking tool called Pokémon Go Popular Spot. By adding the function to present advents of rare monsters on the map and improve the whole look-and-feel of it, the app has been officially released as Pokémon Go Insight at this time.

According to the tool, Pokémon Go hotspots in Japan include Ougimachi Park in Osaka, Setagaya Park in Tokyo as well as Tsuruma Park in Nagoya as of this writing.  Regarding the freshness of the stats, the company says that analytics are being conducted at all times but applied to the website once a week because positions of the monsters are drastically changed. The service is only available for Japan at this time but the team may expand abroad city by city if such a request is received.

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