Japan’s Mobingi secures $2.2 million to put forth cloud DevOps automation platform

L to R: Akira Kurabayashi (Draper Nexus), Yasuhiro Horiuchi (Managing Director, Mobingi), Wayland Zhang (founder / CEO, Mobingi), Reina Mochizuki (Marketing Representative, Mobingi), Shunpei Fukui (Archetype)

Japan’s cloud automation startup Mobingi announced today that it has secured 250 million yen (about $2.2 million) in its series A round from Draper Nexus and Archetype Ventures, both its current investors. It is a follow-on investment subsequent to the tens-of-millions-of-yen (hundreds of thousands of dollars) fundraising from the above two firms last February. Coinciding with this fundraising, Akira Kurabayashi of Draper Nexus was appointed Outside Director of Mobingi.

Mobingi provides an operation / maintenance or DevOps (Development-Operation) automation platform for cloud services such as Amazon Web Service. Targeting lack of funds available for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in securing human resources specialized in operation, the firm offers an ideal environment where it is easy for engineers to focus on development. With the money secured this time, the firm plans to strengthen development and operation of an application construction automation platform for cloud services named Mobingi ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) which has been already provided, and to launch an application operation-on-cloud automation platform named Mobingi Wave this summer. These Mobingi’s platform services are all compatible with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Fujitsu K5 and Amazon Web Services, in addition to private cloud services based on OpenStack.

Dashboard of Mobingi Wave under development aimed for launch this summer (click to enlarge)

According to founder / CEO of Mobingi Wayland Zhang, the firm will turn to enhancement of marketing activities targeting Japanese SMEs through participating meetups / seminars, or presentation / exhibition at business conferences beginning this year. Although most of its current clients are Japanese companies, he said his ambitions are for the firm to commence service provision to Chinese companies within this year and secure a certain sales amount from them utilizing cloud computing.

Mobingi had taken part in Open Network Lab’s 9th batch and 500 Startups’ acceleration program 15th batch. The firm had fundraised 2 million yen (about $17,500) from Digital Garage in its January 2015 seed round and $125,000 from 500 Startups, as well as tens of thousands of yen (hundreds of thousands of dollars) from Archetype Ventures and Draper Nexus Ventures in November in the same year. Therefore, the total capital raised is estimated to surpass 300 million yen (about $2.6 million).

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy