Japan’s Zpeer launches pet merchandise review portal Vet’s Eye


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Japan’s Zpeer, offering veterinary services for pharmaceutical companies or veterinarians who care for pet animals / livestock animals, on Friday launched the pet merchandise review portal website Vet’s Eye which provides reviews posted by veterinarian to pet owners. This service was showcased at a pet industry fair Interpets 8th held at Tokyo Big Sight last month.

Zpeer was founded in June of 2013. Since November in the same year, it has been managing the veterinarian community website Vetpeer, providing various contents which connect veterinarian and animal medical treatment-related companies.

Vetpeer has been used by 8,000 veterinarians which is equivalent to about 60% Japanese town veterinarians who are engaged in pet medical care (not specialized in livestock animals). The firm monetizes its service by offering market research or merchandise promotion toward veterinarians, accepting requests animal medical treatment-related companies.

In the new service Vet’s Eye launched this time, the firm is going to expand its user coverage to general consumers (pet owners). The service mainly consists of two contents: ‘veterinarian evaluation service’ which provides pet merchandise reviews by veterinarian and ‘100 opinions’ which is answering questions from pet owners by veterinarian. Same as Vetpeer, the firm aims to monetize by marketing support for animal medical treatment-related companies.

In the pet merchandise field, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish correct information due to many affiliated ads. For companies, means of providing information to pet owners are limited because it is a longtail market. Giving added value in information with evaluation by veterinarians, Vet’s Eye enables an efficient information channel for both pet owners and companies to be secured. The firm expects the increase of user inflow by asking companies to attach seals showing that evaluation information is provided at Vet’s Eye onto their products.

Zpeer has already been in the black and not raised funds from external investors, but it plans to develop to the U.S. accounting for a 30% share of pet-related market and revealed its future possibility of fundraising from investors depending on the business plan. In this field in the U.S., Veterinary Information Network may become Vetpeer’s competitor, but the Vetpeer team sees itself superior in terms of user experience and the business model, aiming to grow its service for use by veterinarians worldwide.

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy