Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies makes successful space rocket launch

Momo F3
Image credit: Interstellar

Japanese space startup Intersteller Technologies announced earlier today that it has successfully launched a small rocket in Hokkaido this morning. The company is well known for having been co-founded and invested by Japanese renowned investor/entrepreneur Takafumi Horie a.k.a. Horiemon.

Named Momo after a Japanese alias for 100, the rocket literally succeeded to rise to an altitude of more than 100 kilometers (the startup’s twitter says it was 113.4 kilometers). It is 10 meter long and 1 ton with an diameter of 50 centimeters, has been developed by the startup from scratch. Intersteller has just become the first private company in Japan to launch a rocket into the space.

The launch was initially planned in April but was postponed due to a minor leak of liquid oxygen fuel and strong winds. This follows their second launch last year which ended in a fiery crash just after the liftoff. The startup is planning to launch another rocket in 2023, hoping to carry small satellites for lower costs.