Japanese e-commerce platform Base files for IPO

Image credit: Base

Tokyo-based Base, the e-commerce platform provider dubbed Japan’s answer to Shopify, announced on Friday that the IPO application to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has been approved. The company will be listed on the TSE Mothers Market on October 25 with plans to offer 405,000 shares for public subscription and to sell about 1.2 million shares in over-allotment options for a total of about 7.6 million shares. The underwriting will be led by Daiwa Securities while Base’s ticker code will be 4477.

Its share price range will be released on October 8 with bookbuilding scheduled to start on October 9 and pricing on October 17. According to the consolidated statement as of December 2018, they posted revenue of 2.35 billion yen (about $21.7 million) with an ordinary loss of 798 million yen (about $7.4 million).

Led by founder and CEO Yuta Tsuruoka (19.9%), the company’s major shareholders include VC firm Global Brain (19%), SBI Ventures Two / FinTech Business Innovation (15.4%), Japanese tech giant CyberAgent (9.6%), Japanese department store operator Marui Group (6.7%), Japanese sell-and-buy platform Mercari (6.6%), Japanese serial entrepreneur / angel investor Kazuma Ieiri’s Partyfactory (5.6%), and East Ventures (5.5%).

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