Japanese rocket developer Interstellar Technologies closes series D round with $30M

The Interstellar Technologies team
Image credit: Interstellar Technologies

Headquartered in Hokkaido, Japanese space startup Intersteller Technologies announced on Monday that it has closed a series D round with 3.8 billion yen (about $30 million US) in funding. The round brought the company’s funding sum up to date to over 5.4 billion yen (over $42 million US) as far as we know. Investors participating in the round, including those previously announced, are:

  • SBI Investment
  • Nisso Kosan (TSE: 6569)
  • Satudra Holdings (TSE: 3544)
  • Reiichi Sasaki (President, Ichigo Ventures)
  • De Aardappeleters
  • Norimasa Yamamoto (President, Heiwa Shuzo)
  • Kazunori Asada (Chairman, Howdy)
  • Hiroshi Yamamoto (Representative Director, Smaregi)
  • Suncor Industries
  • CyberAgent (TSE: 4751)
  • Teruyasu Nishino (President, Yuko Kai)
  • Makoto Fujita (CEO, Inclusive
  • Seven Stars Capital
  • Onsen Dojo
  • Masaki Yamamoto (CEO, Chatwork)
  • RDS
  • Mizuki Nakajima (CEO, Coly)
  • Anna Nakajima (Co-founder, Coly)
  • IMV (TSE: 7760)
  • Tomoya Nakano (President/CEO,  i-plug)
  • Kadokawa (TSE: 9468)
  • Hagiwara Construction Industries

Interstellar Technologies’ MOMO No. 7 and MOMO No. 6 rockets reached space in July of 2021, which let the company mark three successes in terms of reaching space with the MOMO No. 3 rocket launched back in May of 2019. The company is currently in full-scale development of the ZERO rocket which is aimed to be launched in FY2023. The funds will be used for research and development, capital investment, hiring talents, and material costs to further accelerate the development of the ZERO rocket.

Interstellar Technologies aims to realize a future in which space is within reach for everyone by providing low-cost, convenient space transportation services. Establishing its satellite development-focused subsidiary Our Stars in early 2021, the company is working on offering rockets and satellites in an one-stop solution. In recent years, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Japan and Western countries have been unable to use Russian rockets, which used to account for about 20% of the world’s space transportation, and Interstellar Technologies sees this situation as a tailwind for its business.

via PR Times