Singapore’s lab-grown fish meat startup Umami Meats announces Japan expansion

The Umami Meats management team. CEO Mihir Pershad stands in the middle.
Image credit: Umami Meats

Singapore-based cultured seafood developer Umami Meats made an official announcement on Thursday that it will expand into the Japanese market. The company is focused on developing cultured fish for endangered species such as eel, grouper, snapper, and tuna, which are in high demand in Japan. It is actively working to build partnerships with Japanese companies and create an ecosystem to generate technology and manufacturing applications for the Japanese market.

Umami Meats, founded in 2020, produces cultured seafood that is nutritious and affordable. The company aims to provide a delicious eating experience by offering cultured seafood that is free of heavy metals, antibiotics, and microplastics and has the same nutritional value as conventional seafood. It has previously signed a licensing agreement with NUProtein in Tokushima, Japan, to license its growth factor production system.

In this particular vertical, US startup Finless Foods, backed by Japanese fish wholesaler Dainichi, IndieBio, Twitch founder Justin Kan, and others, has successfully developed plant-based cultured tuna meat. BlueNalu, another American cultured fish startup backed by Sumitomo Corporation (TSE:8053) and others, formed a business alliance with Food & Life Companies (TSE:3563), the company behind Japanese major sushi restaurant chain Sushiro. Tokyo-based startup IntegriCulture has begun joint research on cultured fish meat with Maruha Nichiro (TSE: 1333), one of Japan’s largest fishery processors.

via PR Times