Widgely: Community Factory and Yahoo Japan team up on multi-purpose girlie app



Community Factory, the company behind the popular purikura app Decopic, and its parent company Yahoo [1] have released their first joint widget app on the Android platform. It’s called Widgely.

The theme of the app is is “Kawaii, Easy, Useful,” and as you may have guessed by now, it’s targeting young women. The app includes what are (supposedly) all the features necessary for a girl’s daily life including a clock, weather, horoscope, a camera, and a mirror (i.e. an inward-facing camera). The visual theme of the widget app can be switched between four types, allowing users to dress up their smartphone according to their mood.

Users are able to start searching right from the homescreen, and they can check a variety of articles from Yahoo News within the app, integrating well with one of Yahoo Japan’s prime services. From Widgely, users can also access Decopic directly and easily. The Decopic app has over 12 million downloads and is available for both iOS and Android.

This project is likely only the beginning of more collaborative efforts between Yahoo and Community Factory, and we can certainly hope to see more Kawaii apps from the team in the future.

  1. Community Factory was acquired by Yahoo! in September of last year  ↩