B Dash Camp panel: Social gaming principles can also be applied to e-learning



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This is a part of our coverage of B Dash Camp Fukuoka 2013.

The e-learning industry is changing drastically with new technologies like cloud technology or social media. One of notable startups in this space is Schoo, which provides real-time online lecture services on many topics.

We had a chance to check out a panel on online e-learning services at B Dash Camp 2013 today in Fukuoka. In the fist, Dylan Arena, the chief learning scientist of the e-learning solution provider Kidaptive, introduced four keywords to describe the latest trends in the US e-learning market.

  • Access: Giving access to online lecture services anywhere at anytime.
  • Attention: Giving teachers an efficient way to pay an attention to what their students are doing in their classrooms.
  • Assessment: An advanced e-learning system gives teachers a way to assess their students far better than before.
  • Personalization: Using the three points stated above, explore a way to personalize lecture content to individual students.

For the people who have less learning opportunities for economic reasons, Kidaptive’s solution allows teachers reach students by providing a combination of an online e-learning environment as well as private tuition opportunities. Subsequently teachers can check up on how students are doing in a more systematic manner.

From the left: Drecom’s Yuki Naito and Quipper’s Akifumi Yokoi

Interestingly, social gaming players are showing an interest in the e-learning area. On this panel, Drecom‘s CEO Yuki Naito and Quipper‘s Akifumi Yokoi discussed what’s ahead for the intersection of gaming and education services. Naito explained a bit about their e-learning platform, adding:

The know-how for improving user retention rate in the social gaming areas can also work in managing e-learning services.

While it’s doubtful that social gaming developers will sidetrack their businesses into this space, it will interesting to see them occasionally deploying their ideas to different business spaces such as this one.