Tokyo Otaku Mode celebrates Facebook ‘like’ landmark with fun commemorative video


Japanese startup Tokyo Otaku Mode, which we’ve written about many times in the past, shares and promotes Japanese subculture, such as animation, manga, and cosplay. The latest and greatest information in that space is updated on its website and on its Facebook page, which has received more than 11 million likes so far.

To commemorate the astounding number of likes, Tokyo Otaku Mode has released a special video. It uses art work by Japan-based a creator John Hathway and a song by Livetune called Redial. Livetune is a one-man unit known for its work using Vocaloid software (the same software used to give voice to Hatsune Miku) and his songs have been played over 3,500,000 times on the internet.

John Hathway is known for his work that fuses science technology and art designs. The video is very cool too, showing the digital creation process of Hathway’s piece. Enjoy! (Via