Growing well in Southeast Asia, Nijibox launches ‘JKT48 Card Battle’ in Indonesia



Following up on its Fantasia games series, Japanese game publisher Nijibox launched a new card battle game on the Southeast Asian feature phone games platform this week. It’s called JKT48 Card Battle.

The title is free to play, featuring the pop idol group JKT48, the Indonesian sister group for the popular AKB48 supergroup from Japan. Many of our readers are no doubt are aware that AKB48 has its own card battle game, so it’s perhaps inevitable that this mobile social game concept be adapted for Indonesian consumers as well.


Available in both English and Indonesian, the game is first released for Indonesian carrier Indosat, and after July 7th it will be available on all carriers. The game features a rock-paper-scissors competition where you can win new cards and compete against other players. You can also train and merge your cards to create a stronger collection, accumulating as many of the 180 JKT48 member cards as you can.

A Nijibox representative tells me today that the company is doing very well on the Kotagames platform so far, so much so that they are currently focusing their global resources on the Southeast Asia region. While they can’t disclose specific user numbers, I’m told that the figures are well into the hundreds of thousands. This regional games market is growing rapidly and they think that Nijibox has an advantage.

Currently the Kotagames platform has over 2.5 million gamers, primarily across the Southeast Asia region.