On My Mobile: Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Nao Kodaka


This is part of our ‘On My Mobile’ series (RSS), a modest attempt to better understand how folks in Japan use their smartphones.

Few Japanese startups are creating the sort of buzz that Tokyo Otaku Mode has in the past year. Now with over 11 million fans on its Facebook page, the company’s mission is to promote Japanese subculture abroad, and hopefully make a profit in the process.

Back in February we spoke with TOM’s co-founder Nao Kodaka to learn more about his company. But recently I thought it would also be interesting to ask Nao to participate in our ‘On My Mobile’ series, and check out what kind of Android apps he’s using these days (see below).

Not surprisingly, Tokyo Otaku Mode’s own Otaku Camera app is on Nao’s homescreen, as he uses it a lot with family. He also enjoys the World Conqueror 2 simulation game, which he says he uses a lot during his commute. Google Drive is also among his favorite apps, allowing him to do work from practically anywhere.

If you’d like to find out more about the Android apps that Nao enjoys these days, you can browse the interactive graphic of his homescreen below and click through to the apps on Google Play.

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