Japanese gadget maker King Jim to sell 360° video meeting recorder



Japanese novelty gadget vendor King Jim has created a device for recording video of your company meetings. Intended to be a solution to taking meeting minutes, the aptly named ‘Meeting Recorder’ is equipped with four cameras and an omni directional microphone.

The device can record both video and audio of all attendees, capturing a 360 degree view of the meeting room, which you can then play back later. The files are stored on an SD card, and can be easily transferred to your PC [1].

Meeting Recorder can also be used as a web camera for use in teleconferences, creating a four-person split screen view for the participants who join virtually. Normally, it’s hard to get a good view from a single webcam when you have multiple people in the meeting, so this is a handy solution.

King Jim’s Meeting Recorder goes on sale on April 19th in Japan, and comes with a price tag of 34,650 yen (or about $350).


  1. A 4GB SD card is included, which is good for about two hours of video recording.  ↩