GotchaWarriors: Is this Japan’s answer to Plants vs Zombies? [Video]


GotchaWarriors is a fun new Japanese tower defense game, first published on iOS a little less than a month ago. It’s very similar to Plants vs Zombies in many ways, but with some fun elements of card battle games making it a little different.

The game pits you against Dr. Strangelove (or Dr Calamity in the Japanese version) and his team of zombies, and you have to build and recruit your team of fighters in order to beat him. Like with Plants and Zombies, you can put more defensive characters in the front and longer-range shooters in the back. It’s also useful to put short range attackers upfront just behind your defenses where they can be a little bit more active and slash on diagonals.

So far the game has more than 400,000 downloads, which is pretty good for a game only a month old. And last week the Android version was released, and so far it is the 13th ranked arcade game on Google Play for Japan. From my point of view, I think the game has a lot of potential, however like many other made-in-Japan games targeting global audiences, the introductory tutorial for the English version could be better. I don’t think it has the broad appeal of a game like PvZ, but I confess, I think I enjoy this a little more than PvZ.

The game’s publisher, One of Them Inc, notes that this is a game for ‘high spec’ smartphones, so if you have older handset this game might not perform so well. I found that even on my a iPod touch it generated quite a bit of heat.

Overall the game is a good one, and I recommend you try out GotchaWarriors and let us know what you think. To learn more about the gameplay, check out our demo video above.