Japanese social gifting startup launches purchase behavior analysis solution


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Earlier this week KDDI Mugen Labo, held a demo day event which included a presentation from Giftee, a past graduate from its program. The startup allows you to send friends an e-voucher which they can then redeem at certain retailers. To give a gift, all you need is a connection to that person on a social network, and you can easily send presents to friends without even asking for their physical mail addresses.

During their demo day presentation, the company unveiled a new voucher issuing system for businesses. This SaaS solution allows them to issue one-time validity e-vouchers to their customers, who can redeem it at local stores.

For retailers, this new solution lets you check the validity of a voucher using the barcode scanner of a POS register at a shop. Extra equipment isn’t required to operate the service. Companies can easily distribute vouchers and analyze user behavior.

When companies connect the system with their own CRM systems, they can narrow their target of who can receive e-vouchers according to certain attributes or purchasing histories. If you collect purchasing data of your target users, you can compare their behaviors before and after giving away the voucher.

Giftee was initially launched back in 2010 by three founders who all previously worked with Accenture. The startup received seed funding of 18 million yen (approximately $180,000) from KDDI Mugen Labo, Digital Garage, Kakaku.com, NetPrice, Inspire, and other angel investors back in 2011. Subsequently the company also raised an unknown amount of funds (thought to be in the hundreds of thousands) from Digital Garage and Sunbridge Venture Partners back in 2012.