Cerevo’s futuristic smart power strip, with mobile integration, now available for pre-order



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Tokyo-based Cerevo, a startup focused on manufacturing internet-enabled gadgets, recently introduced Otto, a smart power strip that lets you control your home appliances even while you’re out. Our readers may recall we mentioned the prototype shown at CES 2013. But we’re happy to tell you that the company has finally begun accepting pre-orders, with shipments coming in January or February for a retail price of 23,800 yen (approximately $232).

Cerevo is known for having introduced interesting hardware like the livestream encoder LiveShell, as well as SmartTrigger a remote shutter for your DSLR camera that can be used from your iPhone or Mac.


Otto, the new product, has been developed using the company’s own crowdfunding site Cerevo Dash. It has eight power supply sockets and can enclose AC adapters, keeping them hidden from sight. A power supply for every single socket can be controlled over the internet using the mobile app which is provided for free. Two of them can even be controlled by a dimmer, letting you dim or brighten lights with your smartphone.

This enclosure was designed by UK-based Japanese product designer Satoshi Yanagisawa, who is famous for having designed portable power generator Cyclus.

The below demonstration video shows you how the device can control lighting with its pre-programmed ‘bonfire’ dimmer mode.