Japan’s hardware startup Cerevo unveils smart sports gear for snowboarding



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Tokyo-based Cerevo, the Japanese startup known for its Cerevo Cam and IoT crowdfunding site Cerevo Dash, unveiled a new smart sports device series called XON today, announcing functional snowboard bindings called Snow-1 as the first product from the series.

In our previous interview with Cerevo CEO Takuma Iwasa, he said that the company was planning to expand the range of products, especially in the IoT and “high amateur” spaces where this new product is categorized.


Snow-1 is sensor-enabled snowboard bindings and transmits data to smartphones via BLE (BlueTooth Low Energy) in real-time so that users can analyze their snowboarding technique. Eight load balance sensors under the footpads of the device detect the center of gravity and how users distribute their weight on each of their legs. Two sensors measure the bending of the snowboard.


Snowboarding recorded via smartphone allows for data to be displayed in synchronization with the video clip so you can analyze your stance from an objective viewpoint. Leveraging the GPS data, the device allows you to track your snowboarding trail. High-luminance LEDs in the toes and heels help you improve your form while snowboarding.

Snow-1 will be exhibited at 2015 CES Unveiled to be held on 24 January, and 2015 International CES to be held on 6 January in Las Vegas, followed by a planned release this year.