Japanese internet company Voyage Group files for IPO



Tokyo-based Voyage Group, the internet company best known for the e-commerce and shopping portal EC Navi, has announced that it has been approved for an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market today. The company will be listed on July 2nd.

Formerly known as Axiv.com, the company was initially launched back in 1999 as the online marketing arm of Japanese internet giant CyberAgent. But CEO Shinsuke Usami bought the majority of their shares from CyberAgent and made the company an independent business entity.

The aforementioned EC Navi is a shopping portal where you can earn rewards by purchasing an item at a tenant’s online shop or by answering an online survey.

On a related note, the company has started broadcasting TV commercials here in Japan (see an example below) in order to improve consumer awareness in selected regions in the country.