Honda’s popular video app RoadMovies surpasses 3M downloads



Back in August we featured Honda’s mobile video app RoadMovies, which at the time was the top-ranked photo app in Japan. Ever since then the app has continued to do well in its home market in Japan, but also in South Korea too, where it has been a top–5 mainstay in the iOS photo category.

Just recently it was announced that RoadMovies has surpassed the 3 million downloads milestone, this according to Nikkei Business. Personally, I’m a big fan of the app, and I still use it regularly. Honda’s original intention may have been for people to use their app to document road trips (especially using the interval camera feature), but my guess is that people are using it for all kinds of purposes. I’m using it to make short home movies of my baby, for example.

To summarize what the application does, it allows you to record many short clips that can then be conjoined to make a 24-second video with filter effects and right-free background music applied. As you can see in the sample video below (posted to YouTube), the result is beautifully retro and fun.

If you’d like to give RoadMovies a try, you can get it for free from the App Store.