In Japan, Sega Networks hits the pub to promote its mobile soccer game



Sega Networks will hold a collaboration event in the month of June around its mobile soccer game ‘Saka tsuku shoot[1] here in Japan with the British pub franchise The Hub, across its 66 locations in the country.

When a customer buys a drink, they’ll receive a card with a serial code, which could mean a rare player addition for gamers if they’re lucky. Also in June, there will be a ‘Hub Cup’ held within the game itself, where players can also get rare ‘gacha’ cards for a chance to get new players for use in the game.


With the World Cup starting next month, I assume that the Hub will see lots of customers (the time difference with Brazil is a bit rough), and perhaps these are just the audience that Sega is trying to reach. It’s a smart maneuver on the part of Sega Networks to get their game in front of enthusiastic football fans.

The sports title was released by Sega Networks late last year, peaking as the number one iOS sports app in Japan back on May 15th, and as the fourth ranked Android sports game in Japan this past Monday (May 26th).

If you’d like to try out the game for yourself, it’s a free download for both iOS and Android. Check out the game’s promo trailer below.

Via Gamebiz

  1. This title does not translate well.  ↩