Japan’s online pastry startup Bake partners with ‘octopus ball’ restaurant giant for Asian expansion



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Tokyo-based Bake, a Japanese startup behind an online cake delivery service, announced that it has partnered with Waen International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese takoyaki (or “octopus ball”) restaurant chain Tsukiji Gindaco, aiming to market the service in Asian countries.

Bake has developed a mobile app called Pictcake, which allows users to design a cake and order it online. In addition to the app, the company has been operating the Bake cheese tart pastry shop chain as well as a cream puff pastry shop chain Croquant Chou Zaku Zaku.

Meanwhile, Waen International operates Japanese curry rice chain restaurant Gin Curry as well as Gin no An pastry shops focused on Japanese fish-shaped cake chain as well as Gin no An pastry shops serving Japanese fish-shaped cake taiyaki in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.

Bake aims to expand the Pictcake mobile app to Asian countries. The company thinks that the expansion of pastry shops under their brands will help promote the app in the regions once it is launched.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by Kurt Hanson and “Tex” Pomeroy