Swingdo to-do management app updated to offer location-based task-prioritizing feature



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Tokyo-based BHI, the Japanese startup behind mobile solutions focused on protecting users from information overload, announced last week the iOS version 2.0 of to-do management app Swingdo. This app was originally released last year-end, but it has been quickly upgraded for four added functions of interest.

The new functions are:

  1. If a task is registered in the app with being associated with a specific location, a user will be recommended to deal with it as priority by a GPS-enabled feature when he/she comes in there.
  2. A function to list unreplied emails.
  3. A “Like” icon for completing to-do tasks and a “paper airplane” icon for completing mail tasks.
  4. An enhanced integration to its sister app Swingmail upon creating tasks in Swingdo that leverages e-mail reply history in Swingmail.

In addition to this iOS version, a Chrome extension of Swingdo was released during February. Therefore, the basic function of Swingdo can be used not only on mobile but on desktop. To-do updates will be synchronized between the Chrome extension and the iOS version.

BHI CEO Yasuhiro Himukashi explained:

Many users of Swingdo said they needed an interface, even as an extension, usable on desktop, so we responded to this by offering a Chrome extension

The world’s top 3 to-do managers including Wunderlist are also used on Chrome Extension and smartphone by their users, so we followed their examples.

The exciting news is that they will release the desktop version of Swingdo for Mac in April and an Android version in May.

Meanwhile, we go back to June of 2013 when Swingdo’s antecedent was introduced with its (still) current sister app, Swingmail. They have modified the engine three times since they launched Swingmail for improved efficiency in messaging, and for automatic extraction / creation of task.

Himukashi said,

To be honest, the first- and second-generation engines were failures. Automated task creator leveraging email is globally still rare. The logic to associate / unassociate a contact or a history with each task was very difficult.

In addition to Swingdo, the company continues to update SwingMail and recently added new functions such as displaying only important emails and muting unimportant ones.

Although BHI secured series A round funding in April of 2014, the company has yet to disclose its amount and investors.

Translated by Minako Ambiru via Mother First
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy