Swingmail: A new app from Japan to better manage email and social messages



Many business people struggle to find the time to manage their email. And if you have social media accounts, you might have difficulty keeping up with those messages too. Tokyo-based BHI has introduced a new messaging application today that lets you check and respond to e-mails or private messages on social media, all in one app. It’s called Swingmail, and it’s available for free on the App Store. While it doesn’t have any function to create new messages, it prioritizes and sorts received messages based on various metrics, such as how many times you’ve exchanged messages with a sender in a certain period of time, for example.

The company expects that you’ll keep using your own preferred e-mail app on desktop or mobile. Marketing director Jun Inoue emphasizes that they don’t intend for Swingmail to replace existing e-mail apps.

They are also working on a contact list app as well, giving you a list of contacts in order of priority. The default contact app on your mobile just presents contacts in alphabetical order, but this new app will determine priority based on your current location (i.e. whose office you’re currently close to) and how many times you’ve exchanged messages contacts through the messaging app. This new contacts app will be launched early next year.

BHI is based out of the Tokyo startup incubation space Samurai Startup Island and recently invited former Google Japan president Koichiro Tsujino to get involved as their advisor.

The BHI team at ICT Spring Luxembourg, June 2013.