‘Dots for’ secures $670K to help Africa’s unconnected population benefit from digital economy

Image credit: Dots for

Japanese startup Dots for, the company aiming to help digitalizing rural villages in Africa with distributed communications using mesh network technology, announced on Friday that it has secured 100 million yen (about $670,000 US) in a seed round. Participating investors arew Anobaka, Quantum Leap Ventures (QXLV), G-Startup Fund, and unnamed several angel investors. QXLV followed their previous investment in the startup’s pre-seed seed round in September of 2022.

The company says that it will use the funds to help people in rural areas of African gain access digital services and spend daily lives comparable to those in cities. It also expects to contribute to improving the incomes of rural residents through allowing them to remotely obtain jobs from developed countries and urban areas in Africa through efforts including matching sales of agricultural products.

Dots for was founded in October of 2021 by Carlos Oba, who has worked at Amazon, Recruit, and C Channel, among others, in business startups and management. Prior to launching Dots for, he led the launch of a service for motorcycle cab operators in Tanzania and other countries as a new business manager at Wassha, the Japanese startup delivering electricity to off-grid areas in Africa.

While urban areas in African countries are experiencing economic development and digitalization, rural areas with low incomes are facing a variety of unresolved issues, including Internet connectivity. The company uses mesh network technology to build wireless network infrastructure called d.CONNECT in rural villages in Africa at an overwhelmingly low cost and in a short period of time.

via PR Times