YouTube opens its third global space for video creators in Tokyo



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Located a few floors below Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) high-rise Tokyo office, the internet giant today announced a brand new space dedicated to video creators in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. It’s new YouTube Space in Tokyo is the third of its kind for the company in the world, having previously opened a space in London back in July, as well as one in Los Angeles this past November.


The multi-purpose area is about 700 square meters in total, and it includes a wide range of areas that would make any YouTube giddy. Among the rooms in the space will be a recording studio, an editing suite, a make-up room, a control room for Ustreaming, as well as a green screen.

It’s a huge opportunity for local content creators in Tokyo, especially those who would not normally have have access to such high quality video production facilities. For members of YouTube’s partner program, the space will be free to use, and in addition to the great facilities they will also have an opportunity to work with other creators, hopefully leading to lots of cross-pollination of talent and interesting collaboration opportunities.

Tom Pickett, the vice president and global head of content operations at YouTube, described the launch of this space as an investment in YouTube creators and an investment in Japan:

At YouTube we are building a platform to allow creators to make great content and reach audiences around the world. In my job I get to work with content creators around the globe and in Japan, and we see a huge opportunity in terms of the talent that is emerging here. Japanese creators are very passionate, and we felt it important to reward that passion with further investment.

In attendance for the launch was Squash Films, a local video content team that produces some incredibly humorous clips on their channel.

For up-and-coming video producers like Squash, this new space will certainly be an amazing place to work and improve their craft.

You can see some photos of the space below, and browse more over on Picasa.