How to transform your iPhone into Nunchucks. (Yes, nunchucks!)


Part of the beauty of Japanese mobile culture is the wide variety of accessories that you can add to your phone. And in recent years, that means lots of fun iPhone cases (see the bubble wrap or Domu-kun cases that we recently featured, for example).

But Japanese manufacturer Nitto has come up with what might be the mother of all iPhone cases with its ‘Trick Cover’. The case is comprised of two hinged portions, one of which holds your iPhone, and the other makes up a flippable cover. But as you can see in the ever-so awesome video above, the magic happens when you hold one part, and swing the other part about – just a you would a pair of nunchucks [1].

Interestingly, you can hold a transit card like Pasmo or Suica in the cover portion, or even order a custom design to be printed on the exterior.

The hinged case structure also allows you to prop up your iPhone at various angles for easy viewing. But you’ll most likely be far too busy fighting bad guys with your mobile nunchucks for anything as trivial as that! Trick Cover is available in black or white, and costs 3200 yen (or about $31). — [Via BCN Ranking]


  1. Nunchaku, nunchuks, whatever…  ↩