Japan’s My Chef sends professional chefs to your home



Today a really neat service for busy mothers was released here in Japan. My Chef is a website that brings professional chefs to people’s home for a reasonable price. Whether you’re throwing a home party or just craving a delicious meal for dinner, the chefs come right to your door to cook at your house.

The site limits its users to females only, and requires login via Facebook authentication. On the website users can enter the train station nearest to their location, as well as the date when they would like to use the service. After that it will provide a list of available chefs. After a chef is chosen the site sends out a short questionnaire, and based on the answers the chef will create a menu that suits the user’s preferences. The chef takes care of everything including buying the necessary ingredients, cooking, and even cleaning up afterwards. All of this can be enjoyed for a very affordable price, starting at 3,000 yen (or about $30), which is the minimum order for four people.


My Chef is available in bigger cities in the Kanto area like Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Saitama. At the time of release, the number of chefs registered on the site is still limited to roughly 30, but we can expect this number to grow as the service expands. There are a variety of professional chefs on the site, including some restaurant chefs and cooking class Instructors.

Women’s lives change enormously after they have kids, with fewer opportunities to go out and enjoy meals. My Chef was started as a solution for such women to enable them to experience great food in the comfort of their own home. My Chef hopes to make this new dining experience a viable and affordable option for a wide user base in less than three years.