Amid high demand, Japanese website helps families find senior care givers



With its aging population, one business sector on the rise in Japan is public welfare, especially elderly care. As we mentioned in a previous article, the Japanese government projects that one in three people will be over the age of 65 by 2035.

There is one Japanese company that’s providing a service to help families to find professional care-workers for seniors. The website is called, short for My Care Manager. After being approved for professional nursing care, families carry the big burden of finding qualified care workers on their own. All they’re provided with is a phone book of home care support offices.

Launched back in April, has over 36,000 home care support offices registered to date. There is related information about support offices and care workers, including their years of experience, working hours, and level of knowledge. Families can also find photos of care workers, as well as user reviews for individual offices and care managers. They can pick suitable care givers based on specific needs and other criteria such as location. recently received the 2013 Good Design Award. That’s a prestigeous design award in Japan with a history of over 55 years, with the goal of promoting good design in people’s lives and in business. is a simple and well-designed website that is easy for people of all ages to navigate.

The company behind the site is a venture company in Ibaraki called Life Robotics. In addition to this care-manager matching website, the company also develops robotic arms for persons with upper-limb disabilities.