Japanese cloud accounting platform Money Forward partners with payments startup Coiney



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Following the AirRegi-Freee partnership we just reported this morning, Tokyo-based Money Forward, another cloud-based accounting platform, has just announced a partnership with mobile payments service Coiney.

For retailers, the partnership between these two companies will enable them to avoid entering invoices to Money Forward for any sale paid using Coiney, thanks to an automated data transfer made possible by their new integration. Money Forward will be integrated with 1,420 third-party services (such as online banking services, online brokerages, or reward point management systems) through this partnership.

Money Forward has already integrated with many other Japanese startups like Base (e-commerce platform), Crowdworks (a crowdsourced jobs platform), and S-cubisum (tablet-based point-of-sales solution) back in February. According to Money Forward, they’re also in talks with several other companies about possible partnerships. So it will be interesting to see if we have more news coming from them in the near future..