Apps using Japan’s Metaps monetization platform downloaded a billion times



Japanese app monetization platform Metaps announced today that all the mobile apps using its monetization platform have achieved a cumulative total of 1 billion downloads worldwide.

While the company doesn’t disclose how many apps or developers have adopted the platform to date, the number of downloads has risen in the past few months, especially after establishing partnerships with Line and Kakao to help app developers using those messaging platforms monetize better. These partnerships were particularly instrumental in the company’s rapid growth.

Metaps’ monetization platform consists of three different solutions: DirectTap, a cost per click-based ad network; Exchange, a traffic exchange network for participating apps; and Metaps OfferWall, a reward ad platform.

Since launching back in in 2011, the company has been focusing on providing solutions to developers in Asian markets like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Metaps launched a new office in Shanghai in late 2013 to intensify its marketing efforts in mainland China.

To commemorate this milestone, the company is providing a time-limited special offer to new users. For mobile developers, if you are new to the platform but sign up and integrate the Metaps Offerwall SDK into your app, the revenue generated will be 1.5 times the normal amount. This offer is effective for new users who sign up before the end of this month, starting today.

Our readers may recall that Metaps raised 1 billion yen (about $11 million) in series B funding from Fidelity Growth Partners back in 2013.