Japan’s mobile commerce startup Origami raises $13.3 million



Tokyo-based Origami, a Japanese startup providing mobile commerce platform under the same name, announced today that it has fundraised 1.6 billion yen ($13.3 million) from Japan’s leading mobile telco Softbank Group, major credit card company Credit Saison, and Japanese angel investor Makoto Takano.

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Since its launch in April 2013, the mobile platform has attracted more than 800 merchants from various retailing industries because of serving both their online and offline storefronts leveraging social media-powered promoting functions.

In partnership with Softbank Group, Origami plans to launch a new function that will allow merchants to distribute vouchers for product samples or discount coupons even offline via Softbank’s voucher issuing machine called CouponGate. In partnership with Credit Saison, Origami will drive traffic of their users to Credit Saison and vice versa, aiming to develop big data solutions and new payments solutions together.

Makoto Takano launched Forbes Japan in July 2014 and is also famous as the former president of Pimco Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of US-based Pacific Investment Management Company.

Edited by Kurt Hanson