Japan’s Bitforest unveils freemium vulnerability scanning tool for continuous integration



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Our readers may recall that we covered a cloud-based web vulnerability scanning tool called VAddy in February. Tokyo-based Bitforest, the company behind the tool, officially launched its global edition today.

Integrated with continuous integration (CI) tools such as JenkinsTravisCI and CircleCI, VAddy helps developers scan vulnerabilities in code under development. Followed by the launch of the Japanese version of Vaddy back last October, the newly-introduced global freemium version provides app developers around the world with an optimized security solution for their integration efforts.

With agile software development utilizing CI tools getting more common in the app development industry, especially in the U.S., various testing processes are now automated. However, there are few substantial tools automating vulnerability testing process in the CI cycle, so more than a few developers do not carry out the necessary tests. The Bitforst team claims that VAddy helps developers conduct their vulnerability tests, contributing to the rapid release of secure apps.

The company has set up a blog in English and Japanese to tell their vision to potential users. Yasushi Ichikawa, a project leader of the VAddy development team, recently posted an interesting article on the blog, where he said that every technology-focused startup has to make their stance clear and keep sharpening their “edge”. So it tells something about what kind of values the Bitforest team wants to bring through VAddy by declaring what they will not do.

Bitforest is now planning to launch the premium version of VAddy this summer.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy