Zozotown’s smart body measurement suit helps users buy perfect-fit clothes online


Japanese leading fashion e-commerce site Zozotown introduced a smart bodysuit called Zozosuit on Wednesday, aiming to help customers know their body measurements upon buying clothes online. A user can take one for free but 3,000 yen (about $27 US) will be charged for additional each piece.

Consisting of tops and bottoms, the outfit has stretch sensors that instantly allow users to measure their body. By placing a smartphone in front of it, your body measurement data can be transferred via Bluetooth from the outfit to the Zozotown mobile app. This state-of-the-art technology was jointly developed by New Zealand startup StretchSense which Start Today, the company behind Zozotown, invested in last year.

Body measurements will be applied when a user buys an outfit of the company’s first private brand Zozo which is planned to debut in late November. Start Today says the new technology is expected to help customers relieve concerns of buying clothes in the wrong sizes, planning to add more useful search and recommendation functions into the app.