Rovio holds Angry Birds lucky draws nationwide in Japan



When we last chatted with Rovio here in Japan, the Finnish game developer entertainment company told us that they had a number of local partners on board for their Angry Birds business. One of those partners is Furyu, with whom Rovio is now running a fun sort of lucky lottery campaign.

In select locations, Angry Birds fans can pay 500 yen (or about $5) to participate in a draw for some AB merch. You’re guaranteed to win at least a small plush toy, but if you’re lucky, you could walk away with very large one, or the top prize, an Angry Birds travel bag. Rovio’s country director for Japan, Antti Sonninen, showed me one of the locations today at Takashimaya department store at Shinjuku. And while this sort of giveaway at a few stores isn’t really that impressive, if you take a look at how widely Rovio and Furyu are conducting this campaign, then the scope becomes a little more impressive. Check out the map of locations below.

While I was surprised to see that the in-store promotion is little more than a poster, the campaign is getting far more visibility by through the Angry Birds in-game news page (or ‘pause’ page), where’s there’s a link to the the Furyu campaign page. If you’d like to try one of these Angry Birds lucky draws for yourself, head to one of the locations nearest you to give it a go (assuming you’re in Japan).

In addition to this localized promotion, Rovio is planning even bigger things this upcoming weekend, kicking off its weekly series of videos on March 16th and 17th. In addition to being able to watch these short videos inside their app (which is currently free, ostensibly to help increase visibility this weekend), a number of broadcasters are on board to help distribute the animations as well. Here in Asia, that includes JEI TV in Korea, ANTV in Indonesia, and the Cartoon Network in India.