Digital music score platform PiaScore now has an iPhone version



Japanese startup Plusadd has released an iPhone version of its popular digital music score platform PiaScore. The iPad version was released back in December of 2010, and has been downloaded over 100,000 times, counting professional musicians and educators among its fans.

The digital music score platform aspires to bring music scores to the hands of people all over the world. Both the iPhone and iPad version of PiaScore are provided for free, with features that allows users to view music scores and make notes on them during practice. PiaScore’s ‘Realistic Display Mode’ makes these digital music scores appear as though they are on paper. Plusadd has also developed what they claim is the world’s fastest page rendering features.

Classical music scores can be downloaded for free within the app, however, features such as recording, keyboard, and tone tuner costs 250 yen. Another key feature of the app is its Cloud Play which supports Dropbox. With Cloud Play, users can download over 57,000 scores by 7,800 composers directly from International Music Score Library.

The CEO of Plus-Add, Hiroyuki Koike, is an ex-Sony engineer. He explained how he came up with the service:

I was not a professional musician, but I used to play the piano as a child growing up. During club activities and concerts, I discovered many problems that musicians encounter. One major problem was that it was a lot of work to carrying around and manage music scores. I built PiaScore as a solution to this very problem.

In the near future, PiaScore plans to develop auto page turning features, and logging and managing of music scores. The company is also looking for possible collborative partners such as music education institutions to help realize this new type of communication through music.

PiaScore previously won the Distinguished Honoree award at the International Business Awards in 2011, and was chosen as a finalist at Japan’s prestigious IVS in spring of 2012. If you want to read our reports about IVS 2013, you can find them here.

The PiaScore app is availabe on iOS for download.